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Content Marketing Playbook with Adam Rogers

Sep 12, 2018

In this podcast with Kaleigh Moore, you will learn:

  • How she landed a partnership with Paul Jarvis and the exact things she learned to apply to her own business
  • Time management techniques you can use to increase productivity and avoid harming client relationships
  • How Kaleigh has learned the concept of 'enough' and feels comfortable with where she is in her career and why she’s not franticly chasing more money or more clients

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About, our guest, Kaleigh Moore:

Kaleigh Moore is a writer that writes value-packed blog content for SaaS companies. She also co-hosts the Creative Class Podcast and a series of free events for marketers, called Ask Content Gals.

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About, our host, Adam Rogers:

Adam Rogers is the host and producer of the Boston Content Podcast. By day, he is a content marketer at Shopify, the ecommerce platform. By night, he is still Adam Rogers but it's nighttime. He loves writing, but he's sure it hates him. He's a lover of books, music, guitars, and his wife Lacey.

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